TGA 2022提名游戏名单下周揭晓!

TGA 2022提名游戏名单下周揭晓!




同时确定将在下周一正式公布2022年度TGA游戏大奖的候选游戏名单。TGA 2022将于12月8日正式揭幕,届时不但会确定各个奖项的最终结果,而且还会公布多款全新游戏情报。

TGA 2022提名游戏名单下周揭晓!


The Game Awards has launched its server Discordbut this is only one of the initiatives foreseen within the extended cooperation between the gala event on video games and the increasingly widespread communication service in the world.
The Game Awards official channel on Discord will allow you to vote for candidates in the various categories, as well as being able to follow the show live within the communication service in question. You can join the server through this link, as reported by The Game Awards official Twitter account, visible below.
As part of this broad partnership, The Game Awards will also introduce special guest events through AMA sessions with possible audience interviews with these characters who will appear on the channel.
Still following this expanded collaboration, The Game Awards 2022 will also have one new premium categoryor the Best Community Support Award, which will be assigned in collaboration with Discord, to reward the best community managers and other staff members who are responsible for maintaining and improving the game communities, an aspect of great importance for the whole ‘industry.
Still with regard to The Game Awards 2022, we remind you that the list of finalists for the various prize categories will be on Monday 14 November at 6.00 pm, Italian time, as reported by Geoff Keighley himself through a recent tweet.