Switch版《方舟生存进化终极版》现已推出! 1%title%


Switch版《方舟生存进化终极版》现已推出! 2%title%

上周宣布因为美国山火问题,延期至11月初推出,现在终于正式推出。游戏将于11月1日在北美推出,11月8日在欧洲推出,面向儿童的非暴力探索模式Dinosaur Discovery将于11月9日推出,探索模式为Switch独占模式。

Switch版《方舟生存进化终极版》现已推出! 3%title%


Switch版《方舟生存进化终极版》现已推出! 4%title%


In recent weeks, Phil Spencer has been walking back on his promise that Xbox consoles would not be seeing price increases. Spencer said this back in August, shortly after Sony announced it would be increasing the price of its PS5 consoles, stating that it would not be the “right move” to increase prices. Ever since, Spencer has been walking back those comments, most recently claiming that keeping the prices of its consoles, games, and Game Pass subscriptions the same is something that it won’t be able to do “forever.”
It’s been a different story for gamers in India though, as Xbox has hiked up the price of Xbox Series X consoles in India for the third time this year, something which has baffled fans due to Sony’s dominance in the Indian market. Xbox Series X consoles in India now cost 55,990 INR which is just under $676 or a little over £611. To make matters worse, a number of Xbox accessories are also getting price increases, including controllers.
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As for why, even analysts are unsure. It could be that Xbox knows it has a very small userbase in India and isn’t too bothered about trying to make a dent in the market due to Sony’s dominance. Instead of attempting to take away some of Sony’s influence, it could just be attempting to maximize profits in the area, much to the dismay of Indian fans.
It could also be a sign of things to come. As previously mentioned, Phil Spencer has been very careful walking back his previous promise of no price increases, so could be testing the waters with a country with a smaller userbase. Spencer also revealed that the company is having to subsidize every console sale, as Xbox Series consoles are apparently being sold at a $200 loss. While company’s rarely, if ever, make profits on consoles, it could be an attempt to at least reduce losses and a sign that price increases could be coming to Europe and the Americas pretty soon.